Diggin’ Double Daylilies


What could be prettier than the daylilies found in nature? They have a simple purity, often in bright yellow or gold. Modern daylilies have definitely been gilded with colors and patterns and, yes, even ruffled edges of gold. Sometimes I ask myself why anyone would want a double daylily, but then a bloom opens and my doubts melt away like frothy whipped cream on my hot cocoa.

They aren’t perfect. They’re a little wild and unpredictable, but right now, I’m diggin’ ’em.

8 Responses to “Diggin’ Double Daylilies”

  1. These are indeed gorgeous. I love that soft peachy color, and the way the sun seems to caress it in both photos.

  2. I’ve used a double daylily called “Siloam Classic” in clients’ gardens this year and the more I see it the more I cannot get enough of it. Your photographs are gorgeous, as always.

    • Siloam Double Classic is such a gorgeous pink. I took a picture that didn’t do the plant justice, so you see not all my photographs are gorgeous, but thanks for that lovely thought.

  3. I have lots of day lilles but no doubles. These are gorgeous. I just may have to get some. Beautiful pictures – thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the daylilies, too. These are beautiful, thank you!

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