Posy Paparazzi

One of the best things about blogging is the opportunity to share the beauty of my flowers and yours. If only you could smell the fragrance of my mom’s mini iris, hiding behind the moss phlox, or see the swaying branches of our weeping cherry. If only I could taste those gorgeous heirloom tomatoes everyone keeps posting! All I can share with you is a few photos, a few sentences. and a love of plants. Someday I should read a book about floral photography since right now I just take a picture of anything that catches my eye. Given that it’s spring, nearly everything does!

Whenever I photograph a flower, I find myself laying in the dirt. The only “bird’s eye view” that interests me is that of a robin looking for worms. Is it my fault all the good stuff is springing out of the ground? Walking around the garden like a miser searching for a lost coin, I’m happier than said miser when I find a pretty flower. Suddenly, I’m on my hands and knees looking for the best angle for my little plant portrait, admiring a blossom dressed in dew and sunlight and wishing I had a macro lens.

My family is frustrated that I can’t wear “nice” clothes, because I’m forever getting them full of dirt and twigs after rushing back into the shed or house for a shovel or my camera. My Love is doubly frustrated that I want to run out to the store with mud on my pants and coat. I don’t mean to embarrass him, really, but I’ll just get my clean clothes dirty when I get back, because, don’t you see, I just have to take another picture.


21 Responses to “Posy Paparazzi”

  1. I am forever laying in the dirt attempting to get the perfect shot. I understand this perfectly. 🙂

  2. Whenever I go up to my garden and the summer house (or should I call it weekend home?) I instantly change into battered old jeans, clogs and a woolly jumper no longer fit for urban use, precisely because I just know I’ll get dirty. I’ll get down on hands and knees to look at tiny shoots or stick my hands in the dirt and then wipe them off on my jeans afterwards…

    Gardeners are a messy lot, I suspect. Like 5-year olds.

    • You’re so sensible! I got a nice new suede jacket to wear to the store, but then saw my love taking away a rubber roofing membrane from the greenhouse where I was going to use it to cover the plastic barrels. It took no more than a couple minutes to cover the barrels and cover my new suede jacket in black smudges. I felt like a naughty five year old who splashed in the mud on the way to school.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. Your’s is beautiful! Amazing photography.



  4. You take beautiful pictures! What a wonderful blog! Thank you for posting a comment about my blog.

    • Thank you and you’re welcome! I loved your reminiscence of your grandmother and fragrant violets. I wish I had fragrant violets, they seem to make people so nostalgic.

      • They really do! The only problem is they are so small the smell doesn’t waft into the air. You either have to pick the violet and put it to your nose, or get down on hands and knees to put your nose up to the flower to smell it. Worth it though.

      • I’d totally do that.

  5. I understand perfectly. I have special “gardening and painting” clothes because I always end up covered with dirt or paint.

  6. attemptinggreen Says:

    I often think I should join a support group for “people who always have dirt under their fingernails!”

  7. Ahhh, I completely get the “down in the dirt syndrome”. Had it since I was 5. Before that, my mother was determined I would be the pretty, little Southern girl I was destined to be. Dirt had other ideas and so did I.

    If we had a dirty contest, I would win…ever vacumed up goathead stickers? The leaf blower in reverse is a great tool for just this. However…sprinkling the ground that said stickers lie on reduces the dirt sucked up by the vacumming process. This very light skinned lady was indistinguishable from The Swamp Thing when I was done!

    Great blog!!!

  8. Hello, thanks for “liking” my post, “Rain, I don’t mind” on
    I really enjoyed your post! I am always dirty, always gardening, and always taking pictures! (The macro lens is a big investment but so much fun). I’m looking forward to reading more.

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