Hellebore: looking up

Hellebore are subtle beauties. You might not notice them next to a daylily or a rose, but their eagerness to bloom when we’re so desperate for a bit of color is endearing. I’ve heard ‘Ivory Prince’ tends to bloom a bit more upright than the common Lenten rose, but mine are just seedlings offered by a friend. It’s been such an odd spring, feeling more like summer here, that I almost expect to see a rose in bloom, but here’s my little Lenten rose doing a little trick for me by blooming upright. It’s nothing to get excited about, not some breakthrough genetics that will lead to a new generation of upward blooming hellebore. You can see the flower next to it blooming in the normal way, but this up-facing flower sure brings a smile to my heart. This odd spring will come and go. Thanks to the magic of photography, I can keep this cute little devil forever.


11 Responses to “Hellebore: looking up”

  1. Hello! You just found my Hellebore and now I have found your lovely Hellebore too. I just read your posts and think your garden blog is shaping up very nicely!

  2. Hellebore is just beautiful! I love it’s green flower, very unusual. In my language, it’s called “kukurijek”, hard to pronounce, I know. 🙂 Good luck with your greenhouse!

  3. Gorgeous! And just tipping me further toward insanity since my wildcard Hellebores aren’t blooming yet!

  4. From one hellebore fan to another 🙂

  5. I’ve wanted to get some hellebores, yours are stunning!

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