Stowaway: Scilla

Not every hitchhiker is as fearsome as Scotch thistle. Here’s another that looks delicate and absolutely innocent, but it sneaked into my garden with a thought to lawn domination.  For a lawn lover, it could be detestable because once there it’s nearly impossible to root all of it out. Broadleaved herbicides won’t do it in. If I had lawn loving neighbors, I might think twice before letting it spread. For me, it’s early, it’s blue, and so, it’s irresistible. My lawn lover knows that my lawn will never be a lush green carpet devoid of flowers so long as I’m tending it, so the scilla will join the violets, clover, and yes, I’ll admit it, the dandelions. The scilla  reminds me to start thinking about an order for early bulbs; the earlier the better. Should I plant them into the lawn? Hmm, better not press my luck.


5 Responses to “Stowaway: Scilla”

  1. The house we live in now had a garden that had been neglected for years and this lovely blue bulb was everywhere. But we still like them even though we had to dig loads up to make room for other plants.

  2. I love my squill. There’s nothing prettier than a lawn full of pretty blue flowers in early spring! All green, all grass lawns are boooor-ing. 🙂

  3. I absolutely love scilla. Years ago, I went on a school trip to Sweden, in spring, when whole gardens were a sea of blue. I’ve been dreaming of that ever since… I recently found a couple of pictures of such gardens online, but I lost all my bookmarks a few days ago… bah.

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