What are you garden groupies thinking?

As a freshly minted garden blogger, I’m curious to know what attracts you to a blog, what turns you off, and what keeps you reading, so I’m going to try a poll or four.


8 Responses to “What are you garden groupies thinking?”

  1. I see the specific comments from “other” are not showing up on the poll results. I’ll post new ones daily for a week here under “comments,” because I find them especially interesting.

  2. I think you asked the $1,000,000 question four times! LOL. Great post. I would also enjoy seeing what others suggested.

  3. Yeah, I wondered if they were repetitious, but I thought I’d better ask this way. It’s almost like asking what attracts you to ask someone for a date vs marriage.

  4. As a Fellow Garden Blogger! Id be interested to know these results 😉

  5. To “What attracts,” etc.: Besides “a headturning headline,” “a favorite blogger,” and “fabulous photos,” some of you are attracted to “good writing,” “practical detail,” “humor,” and “learn(ing) more from like minded people.”

    To turn offs: Besides “too long,” “too personal,” and “not enough pictures,” some of you dislike “bloggers that don’t know how to break a page into bite size paragraphs,” “when someone has the ONLY way to do something,” “no original content,” a “boring layout,” and a “lack of passion.”

    To “what keeps you coming back”: Besides personality, expertise, and “their way with a phrase,” some of you come back for “their writing style.”

    To what you find fascinating: Besides a big thumbs up for “DIY tips, tricks and projects,” plus vegetables and a tie for flowers, fruits, and recipes, you’re fascinated by “exotics.”

    Thanks to you who participated! I’ll let you know if anymore opinions come in.

  6. It was fascinating to see the results of your poll. Whew, am I relieved that too many photos is not a complaint. I am surprised that readers are turned off by a garden blogger being too personal. Personal revelations draw me in.
    I look forward to reading your blog.

    • Thanks for weighing in and giving another perspective. Most people have a point at which they say “tmi,” too much information, but I think blogs are generally more personal than most books or magazine articles. It begs the question, how personal is too personal?

  7. Another opinion on “What attracts you to a garden blog?” is “helpful information.”

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