They’re Here!

Mail order is such fun, picking the perfect plant, the anticipation, and then….they’re finally here! So, okay, I know they don’t look like much, just a few twigs in pots, but oh the potential in those few twigs. I see ‘Royal Frost’ birch in its full glory of burgundy foliage and light bark, and the “Summer Fun’ dogwood loaded with bloom. It will be years you say? Eh, I’ll probably be around, after all, they’re worth the wait.


On a practical note, you can see there are two types of pots in my order from Forest Farm, black plastic and paper tubes. Those tall slim black plastic pots come in handy for a plant that likes a bit of a root run, but doesn’t need a really wide pot. Clean them and bleach them the way you usually do and line the bottom with a used paper coffee filter to cover those 1″ (25mm) holes in the bottom and plant as usual. Voila! Who said recycling can’t be fun?

PS: My hand is small enough to fit into the pot, but it occurs to me that a man’s would not. Plop a handful of potting mix onto the filter, pull the sides together and place into pot as low as you can, then tap the pot straight down onto a table so the filter gets to the bottom, then fill as usual. Being big and strong must be so tough for you guys.


6 Responses to “They’re Here!”

  1. My spring plants have started arriving, too, and I’m busily trying to get the ground prepared for all of them. Tarragon and honeyberries went in today. The Jerusalem artichokes might go in tomorrow. Then some fruit and nut trees arrive Monday!

    Thanks for the coffee filter tip!

  2. attemptinggreen Says:

    I said the same thing today about my the worms for my new worm composter!

  3. Wonderful. I have gotten many good plants from Forest Farm. This reminds me to look at their catalog!

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