Wanting What’s Weird


Confession: I like weird plants.

My family asks why I grow plants no one would want and I ask them why I should grow what everybody else has.

Not that I have anything against what everyone else has, I want those plants too, but oddities have a special place in my heart and a spot in my garden.


8 Responses to “Wanting What’s Weird”

  1. Oh, I’m right there with you! I have a special fondness for carnivorous plants! Talk about weird. They creep my family out so much they won’t come visit when those huge tropical pitchers are hanging on. Luckily, by the holidays, they’re usually gone–but I miss them!

  2. Ah, a gardener after my own heart! Your plants must be awesome for your family to take such notice. Even if you miss the pitchers over the holidays, they do give you something to look forward to next season!

  3. I’ve always found the stranger plants interesting and would like to own some pitcher plants…

    • Maybe we should go to gardendaze’s blog and see if she has any hints on growing fearsome pitcher plants at home. At least I don’t think they smell as terrible as the Amorphophallus (pictured above) that will soon bloom and smell up my basement.

  4. Please post a photo of the Amorphophallus when it blooms. I’ll “smell” it from afar. Great blog!

  5. A friend said to me “You grow science fiction plants”.

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