Soak ’em!

Now that March is here seed starting has begun. Our first attempt: parsley. I’ve heard it can be tricky and very slow to start, so I’m going to try soaking them. I believe in soaking (though I almost never do it) because of an experience I had years ago. I had finished mopping the floor and moved the bucket into the laundry room next to the laundry tub where I’d set my latest seeds in their small cellophane packs, and forgot about it and them. Unbeknownst to me some of the packs fell into the bucket of dirty Lysol water. What could I do but pull them out and plant them? They germinated fabulously! Far from hurting the seeds, they seem to have loved their warm soak. So forgetting the lesson that one should always dispense with the mop water immediately (cough, couch), the real lesson is that some seeds can use a good soak. I don’t expect miracles, but I’m wiling to give these challenging seeds a little extra effort to give them a good start.


2 Responses to “Soak ’em!”

  1. attemptinggreen Says:

    We are planting parsley and celery this weekend. Maybe we will try an experiment and plant a few soaked seeds and a few unsoaked seeds to see what happens.

    • All my seeds are already soaking, so I can’t join in your experiment, but it would be great to hear how yours goes. I know some seeds do better after soaking, whether parsley is one I guess you’ll find out!

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